Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Moodboard: Living Room, Revised

Living Room by girlmeetshome

Ahhhh. I feel relaxed looking at this moodboard already.

My current living room is in the process of redecoration. Long story short, we made some strong color choices a couple of years ago and I am now in search of a more serene, peaceful space. Thankfully, I already have several of the pieces above -- coffee table, end table, caramel couch, lamp, mantel, chair (soon to be reupholstered), and mirror (soon to be painted) -- so with just a little paint, fabric, and budget, I hope to have a revised living room in the next couple of months.

Cherry coffee table and end table: Antique reproductions by Tom Seely. I absolutely love the cherry. I know these pieces will stand the test of time so I'm going to hold on to them.

Warm caramel couch: One of my husband's favorite things on earth is this couch. It is e-nor-mous but very comfortable and he loves it. Sometimes you have to compromise/sacrifice for the ones you love, so that's what I'm doing. :-)

Black rumba lamp: Luckily, we already own two of these and are using one in the living room and one in our basement family room. I love their size and color, of course.

Ivory wingback chair: In order to cool off/neutralize the warmth of the caramel couch, I plan to reupholster a wingback chair we currently own (a hand-me-down), and refinish the legs with an ebony stain. This will be my first reupholstery project so I am very excited about posting the before and after.

Gold mirror: I currently have a mirror with a dark brown frame above the mantel (another Home Goods mirror score), but with the new color scheme, I really want to paint the frame gold using a metallic paint like Modern Masters' Metallic Paint Collection.

Ivory curtains: Because the living room is tiny, ivory curtains will be a great way to open up the space. Pottery Barn has their dupioni silk curtains on sale right now, so I will probably grab them.

Zebra rug: I just couldn't help myself. I have a minor weakness for accessorizing with animal print. The rest of my main level incorporates a lot of black and cream, so I think a zebra print rug could work to tie the living room into the rest of the level. And let's not forget Rule #10 in House Beautiful's 101 Easy Makeovers: Every room needs a little [animal] skin!

Apothecary jars: Is it just me or are these everywhere? And unlike a vase, the apothecary jars feel "finished" to me because of their lids, even when empty. I really like the idea of using them as mantel decor so I will definitely pick some up to complete our new traditionally contemporary living room.

Will keep you posted on progress!

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