Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Custom Window Treatments

When it comes to window treatments the possibilities are truly endless. Depending upon your style, budget, and desired functionality, you can find thousands of looks for windows of all shapes and sizes. Drapes, shades, curtains, valances, swags (who came up with that ugly sounding name?), or padded boxes known as cornices. Styles range from simple to complex in their construction and are usually priced according to the quality of fabric used. Being the budget conscious gal that I am, I decided on two simple designs with clean lines and fun fabrics. I also enlisted the help of my mom to do the sewing!
The first project she constructed for me was a set of "Stagecoach Valances" for my bedroom. We saw the style online and decided to give it a try on our own. This valance calls for two different fabrics, one for the dominant side that faces out, and the other which is exposed only on the rolled portion. I found both fabrics on sale at Calico Corners and scooped them up. The dominant print is Malaysia Black and the backing is a neutral solid I found in the clearance section. We used a black grosgrain ribbon to tie the look together.

Next, for my guest bedroom, we decided to make a single Roman Shade. The same shade would have cost around $99 off the shelf. Instead I bought 5 yards of Pottery Barn's Songbird fabric for only $45 on sale (to match a duvet I already owned) and had my mom do the sewing. Amazingly enough, she finished in a few days and the window looks so much better with a little shade.
This is the best angle I could get of the room to show both the window and the bed. Our guest room is still a work in progress but I think we're off to a decent start.
Like any home design project, completing one means beginning another. This is a picture of our third bedroom that doubles as our home office. We've done the room in deep blues and bright whites and used a simple day bed as a place to lounge. What should we do with this window? Another roman shade, perhaps?


Jan Jessup said...

Dear Girls,
For the window in the home office, you need something more than a shade to balance out the daybed. I think a pair of draperies, perhaps with fan pleats, hanging from rings on a metal rod that picks up the daybed metal color would be quite handsome. You may want a blue/white print that picks up the white of the shade and bedcover plus the blue in the walls. In the interest of full disclosure, I work for Calico Corners and we're delighted to have you as customers!
Jan Jessup

Roxie Tenner said...

What treatment did you do in the third bedroom? Since you mentioned that it functions as an office space, I think plain colors or shades would be perfect. Personally, I’d choose white as it adds contrast and is not too stressful to look at. Well, more than three years have passed, and I know a lot has changed. I’d love to see some updates!

Roxie Tenner

Katie said...

Aside from waverly valances, I love using ones with printed designs. We currently have our son’s nursery room designed with a buckaroo theme. From the carpet, to the bedsheet, to the closet, and down to valances, everything has a taste of buckaroo. :)

Katie Nicoll