Thursday, January 1, 2009

Before & After: Hardwood Floors

This past July we upgraded the entire main level of our home to solid hardwood floors. It was well worth the investment! I don't have many before pictures of our home, now I realize it's because I didn't want to look at our old floors in real life, let alone still images. The kitchen and back of the house had a floating Pergo-type floor in a hideous orange crush shade. (Seen here just before we ripped it out for good!)

While the living/dining space in the front of the house had dirty old carpet. Can you believe this is what "welcomed" you into our home? Blah, too ugly to look at... let's move right along.

We decided on a solid oak plank in saddle brown and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Here is a shot of our kitchen island, aren't the floors purrrdy? (Note: these honey cabinets and white formica counter top will be an issue we'll tackle in the future - not to worry)

And finally, the living room that actually welcomes guests into our home now. The new wood floors have been such an improvement in the appearance of home. We quickly painted the entire area in a soft Ivory Porcelain from Benjamin Moore's Pottery Barn Fall 2008 color pallet. Can you say, "lemme lemme upgrade!"


Gigi & Nini said...

Quite a lovely space. I do have that wonderful IKEA mirror and it is absolutely divine. However, I have may-jahly covet your rug. I've been looking for something like it and your definitely fits the color scheme bill. Where did you get it? Help!

Erica said...

I actually found the rug on sale at Pottery Barn. It definitely makes a statement in the room and I love the black and white! That Ikea mirror is probably the best thing in their entire store! It works in any room.