Thursday, January 8, 2009

Moodboard: Room off the Kitchen

Kitchen TV Space by coffee22

I call it the room off of the kitchen for lack of a better name, but this is a small space that is just big enough for two arm chairs and a TV and is in plain view of the stove and kitchen table. (Who doesn't love to watch Food Network while making dinner for two?) For months I've been wanting to give this room some TLC but have been waiting for inspiration... and now I have it.

Media Table/TV: As of today this room is home to the biggest TV armoire known to man... it must vacate the premises. (We plan to sell this badboy on Craigslist ASAP!) I'd love to replace it with something like this Rhys console table from Pottery Barn. It would be great to store extra kitchen items in the hidden drawers and maybe our cookbooks in the display windows.

Seating: I have two identical armchairs which are oh-so-comfy for watching my Sunday night shows (I can't get enough of Wisteria Lane this year). The only problem with my chairs, is the pink and green plaid they are currently sporting. This leads me to what I hope is future topic of discussion, "How to find a reliable upholsterer." A fresh and natural linen would really give this room a soothing vibe.

Area Rug: In the days following the holidays I stalked all of my favorite home decor stores looking for sales. That's where I found this espresso wool rug for $150, what a deal! The walls are already a soft creamy shade of white so I think the starkness of this rug will help balance things out.

Nesting Tables: Remember the sale I stumbled upon for the red nesting tables? Well, they look perfect in between my two armchairs (even next to pink & green plaid.)

Lighting: I found this red table lamp from Ikea and think it would look fun above a few stacked books on the nesting tables. I also like the porcelain blue ceramic table lamp so it might take a few test runs to settle on the right lamp.

I am going to replace the existing ceiling fan/light with a fun pendant light. I think an alternative source of lighting from the ceiling would give the room an edge-y and young twist. And, if after a few months I decide on changing the look, I won't feel entirely guilty that I spent $25 on this Ikea KNAPPA pendant.

Curtains: Red, brown... and soft blue! As a contrast to the colors I've already included in the room, I think a porcelain blue curtain, hung just higher than the windows would add some depth to the space. And since the room has an angled ceiling sloping downwards at the windows, hanging the curtains higher would make that wall seem taller.

Accessories: We plan to mount a flat screen TV onto the wall which will allow a surface for some accessories on the console table. I have some great ideas for filling apothecary jars so they are a must in this room.

I found these white, flower tealights at ZGallerie and I love how they mimic the shape of the pendant lamp from Ikea. Perfect for the nesting tables, or on top of the console table.

As you can see from a previous post, I have a thing for pillows! That's where I'll bring back more of the porcelain blue from the curtains in each of the armchairs.

And because I like some form of life in a room... I am on the hunt for some type of branches that I can use to fill an empty corner.

So, there you have it. My moodboard for creating a "TV room off of the kitchen" that is comfy, well lit, and full of items I'll snag on sale!!!

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Erin said...

You won't believe it but watch Desperate Housewives this week -- Edie Britt has the same pendant lamp in her kitchen!