Monday, December 7, 2009

Green tag envy

I suffer from complete and utter green tag (J.Crew) obsession.

This fall the green tag obsession has become increasingly strong. I don't know if it's me, the mystical powers of creative director Jenna Lyons, or plain old serendipity, but I can't get enough of this store.

Yesterday I headed to my local B&M store and found the latest object of my affection: The Vintage Fleur Tiered Cami.
Seriously? I love the tiered camis this fall, and the cotton black and white flower embroidery coupled with the black ribbon belt just send this cami over the edge for me.

Since it "sold out" online (who knows if it really did, part of me thinks they didn't want to offer it at 25% off this past weekend), I bought it. But it's black and white and wearable all year-round, alone in the spring/summer, under a cardigan or blazer in the fall and winter.

I already know what I'd like to wear it with, immediately:

I think I just created my Christmas outfit :-)