Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lookalike: Frameless Mirror

Home Decorators Collection Hovan Mirror -- $219
Pottery Barn Elise Frameless Mirror -- $179

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lookalike: Brickmaker Coffee Table

Brickmaker's Table, designed by Mark Sage and Rudi Nijssen of BoBo Intriguing Objects, $1360

Durham Cocktail Table, Ballard Designs, $349

Monday, December 7, 2009

Green tag envy

I suffer from complete and utter green tag (J.Crew) obsession.

This fall the green tag obsession has become increasingly strong. I don't know if it's me, the mystical powers of creative director Jenna Lyons, or plain old serendipity, but I can't get enough of this store.

Yesterday I headed to my local B&M store and found the latest object of my affection: The Vintage Fleur Tiered Cami.
Seriously? I love the tiered camis this fall, and the cotton black and white flower embroidery coupled with the black ribbon belt just send this cami over the edge for me.

Since it "sold out" online (who knows if it really did, part of me thinks they didn't want to offer it at 25% off this past weekend), I bought it. But it's black and white and wearable all year-round, alone in the spring/summer, under a cardigan or blazer in the fall and winter.

I already know what I'd like to wear it with, immediately:

I think I just created my Christmas outfit :-)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New obsession -- Giant Angel Wing

Maybe it's because we're nearing the holidays, or maybe it's because I'm currently in love with all things French-vintage, or maybe it reminds me of my maiden name and college sorority, but I am absolutely smitten with this 8' tall Oversized Carved Angel Wing at Pottery Barn.

Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

When I spotted it in the last PB Bed and Bath catalogue, I was hoping that it would be a new item...and here it is!

Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

Pretty steep price tag though ($675, yikes). I'm going to hope and pray that it goes on sale at some point and snag it then. Or keep an eye out for something similar at tag sales, antique stores, etc.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Before & After: Thrifty Jewelry Box

Last week I found this plain-old jewelry box for just two dollars at a Goodwill. When I looked at the shape and size of the box, I immediately saw a solution to one of my annoying habits (according to my husband) so I brought it home and planned a makeover.

I have a habit of leaving random clutter on the kitchen counter and it drives Jared crazy. When I open the mail, clip a coupon, or deliberate over a paint swatch, I leave it out because I want to come back to it later... the problem is, sometimes "later" is actually weeks away. I figured this box might serve as a catch-all for my miscellaneous (read: mess) items.

The first thing I did was to rip out the lining and jewelry dividers. Next, I used a healthy amount of Goo-Be-Gone to eliminate the sticky reside that was leftover. Then I lightly sanding the entire outside of the box and wiped away the dust. Finally, I painted the top and sides with a few coats of Benjamin Moore's Buxton Blue. (I bought a $5 sample from the BM store.)

The new color looked good enough, but I wanted to make it better, and more personal. So I created a monogram using Word, used it as a stencil, and traced it onto the surface of the lid. Then, using some white paint (which I already had on hand) and a teeny-tiny brush I filled in the outlined letters and, behold:

A personalized storage box for under $5.00! I hardly count paint as an's more of a necessity... plus I got to test out the color in case I decide to paint another room!

I think Jared will be pleased to see I took his constructive criticism to heart and came up with an easy solution. And since I put both of our initials on the top, my mess is his mess but at least it has a place out of sight.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Fall Fashion Finds at J.Crew

Yesterday I was so excited to receive the new fall J.Crew catalogue! The August issue ushers in early fall fashions that include everything from smart staples perfect for everyday wear, to dainty delights reserved for more special occasions.

Here are just a few of my new-found loves for the season.

Denim pencil skirt

Silk Frances Cami in Deep Rose

Ruffle sweater in Snow

Cheetah calf hair belt

Refined silk cashmere wrap in Sea Spray or Wisteria

Campo Bag in Slate

Jeweled garland bracelet in Rosy Peach

(Sigh) I love fall!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thrifty Shopping Spree

The past few weeks have been so hectic that I haven't had time to finish a sentence, much less a project. {For example, the tile floors in the master bathroom are one step away from being finished... and I am going to get to that last step this week, cross my heart.} So I thought it would be fun to find a mini-project that I know I can finish in one sitting... just my way of getting back into the Girl Meets Home groove!

I found myself on TheThriftShopper, a website dedicated to helping you be as thrifty as possible. You can search for thrift stores near you by entering your zip code or address. I mapped out a few stops and came home with a trunk full of goodies.

The first stop was Goodwill where I found:

Wood jewelry box, $1.99
Set of matching glass coffee mugs, $.79 each
Decorative mirror, $3.99
Iron bench, $10.00

Next, I went to a Good Shepard Alliance thrift store. I didn't have as much luck there but I did walk out with this:

White footed serving bowl, $3.00
I have a few ideas in mind for some of my finds... including a solution to one of my bad habits. And the rest of my finds have a new life, one man's trash really is another man's treasure (or woman's).