Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moodboard: The Man Cave

Family Room (Basement)
Family Room (Basement) by girlmeetshome

While many things in my townhouse may be small, the fully-finished basement surely isn't one of them. This was one of the rooms we loved about the house -- a large, open space that can accommodate an array of activities, from watching movies and entertaining, to doing laundry and working out.

But aside from the sofa, coffee table, treadmill and TV, this room has largely been ignored in favor the main level. So I thought it was high time to figure out what the heck to do with this room with a mighty helpful moodboard.

My husband is a huuuuuuuuge movie buff and because he is usually the one in the basement, I thought I would make this room a movie-inspired "man cave" just for him. With masculine neutrals, more modern pieces, and a pop of color, thanks to a favorite Hitchcock movie poster and apothecary jars, I think this will serve him well.

Sofa: Thankfully we already own this C&B sofa, so really I'm building the room around it.

Black Rumba lamp: One of a pair. You may notice its companion is upstairs in our living room. Again, love its size. Great versatile lamp.

Black end table and glass coffee table: Two five-year-old Ikea finds. We originally bought the end table unfinished, and stained it black. I think we paid about $15. The coffee table is an Ikea side table and still available as well. In this economy, if something works then why replace it?

Hitchcock 'Vertigo' movie poster: It's even already framed! My hubby's favorite director and one of his favorite movies. Not only does it have sentimental value but the color is absolutely stunning against all these neutrals.

Vintage movie camera: Being the movie buff that he is, Christian already has an authentic vintage movie camera like this (but much larger). Luckily I can bring it downstairs and let it contribute to the movie theme.

Now for the fun part...stuff I need to buy to complete the room!

Armless chairs: I love love love the idea of two armless upholstered chairs, like these from Williams Sonoma Home, facing each other across the coffee table. The price tag -- about $995 a piece -- is too steep for me, especially for a basement, but I am confident that I'll find something in this style and color for less.

Photography floor lamp: Because we split the pair of Rumba lamps, I need a floor lamp to anchor the other side of the sofa. This Photography floor lamp from CB2 is just the ticket and the price is right! But shhhh...don't tell..."someone" is getting this as a surprise for a recent promotion... :-)

Film reel plaques: Gotta love Ballard. They just unveiled this set of three film reel plaques that will contribute to the theme in a non-cheesy way. As soon as they go on sale I'm picking them up!

Apothecary jars: Following the old adage that one must have something red in every room, I selected these bright apothecary jars after finding while doing research for our last post. I really like their shape and bold hue.

And finally, I'll need at least one or two more framed movie posters, depending on their size. I selected the posters above because not only are they Hitchcock (C's favorite) and classic, but they are both so neutral that they let the piece de resistance shine as it should.

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