Thursday, January 15, 2009

Big Plans!

I have big plans for our house in 2009 and I am putting them in writing to make sure they get done! Last year we set our sights on new hardwood floors and fresh paint in every room of the house. Lofty aspirations but we delivered. Sure, it took us until the second week in December to finish all of the painting and we had to hire the pro’s to install our new floors, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

So it’s a new year and I have new dreams for our little townhouse!

1.) Tile the master bathroom floors: Jared has been doing some research on the how-to’s of tiling and has even priced out the equipment he’ll need to complete the job. Notice I said “he” will need; because I’ll leave the work to him and contribute to this one by selecting the tiles! (I’m thinking white, tough one huh?)

2.) Kitchen Built-In: OK, I know this is a serious project and will require some serious planning and evaluating but I think it’s a worthy investment. We need more storage and I’m thinking it will only increase the value of our house. (Yes, I am aware of the current state of the housing market. But we are planning to live in this house for a number of years still and I’d like to a) enjoy it and b) have a place to put my dishes!) I even spent some time drawing up rough plans for my dream design!

(It's hard to see details in this view. But, like I said before, it is a rough draft so be easy!)

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Kristen said...

OOOH! This is my kind of blog. Love all the design and home improvement talk. I'll have to add you to my web "favorites!"