Saturday, January 31, 2009


I think it's fair to say that we love ourselves some Pottery Barn. You'll notice that Erin and I shop there frequently and often turn to the pages of their (multiple) catalogs for inspiration and decor ideas. Often times though, some of the items we long for are just over budget. Sure you can stalk the items online and visit the store religiously in the hopes of a stumbling upon a sweet-sweet sale. (Like my $45 nesting tables.) But other times... you just have to start looking for a look-a-like.

For example: I had been eyeing the Tanner Coffee Table for months but just couldn't justify spending nearly $400 for a couple of peices of glass shelved on an iron frame. So I searching online for a similar coffee table in the hopes of finding a better price.
As luck would have it, Jared and I visited a nearby Belfort Furniture Gallery one Sunday afternoon and found a serious look-a-like. It stopped me in my tracks, there on the showroom floor was the Tanner Coffee Table I'd been longing for... only it was $150 less expensive! (Not to mention, the sofa it was in front of looked strikingly similar to this but forgive me I can't remember the price tag now.) I mentioned to the sales man that I had seen a practically identical table at Pottery Barn. He said they sell tons of furniture that looks similar to styles found at Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel at a fraction of the cost.

Here's my new look-a-like Tanner table in our living room (still a work in progress). The glass top and shelf offer plenty of options for displaying books, magazines, candles, etc. Right now we are displaying our wedding album, (so it's easy to access when guests come over... no I'm not that vain, ok maybe just a little) a black leather tray with Greek key detail, and a set of ceramic canisters. You'd never guess it's not the real thing!
Anyone have other furniture shopping tricks they'd like to share?

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