Monday, December 29, 2008

Before & After: A revived mantel (and homeowner!)

I couldn't take its ugliness any longer. Why would anyone give a mantel a faux-concrete finish?? Our home's previous owners really did a number on our house in the five years that they had it, and we've spent countless days fixing their mistakes.

I thought about throwing in the towel and replacing it all together, but then noticed it has some nice lines and really all that it needed was a good sanding and paint job -- a MUCH less expensive prospect.

With a couple of new sanding blocks, a new paint brush, and primer and flat paint that we already had, the whole project wound up costing about $15!

The cringe-worthy before:

The much-improved after:

Next project: Eliminate the gas fireplace and replace it with large pillar candles.

What have you chosen to refurbish vs. replace?

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