Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cookie Swap!

Ah, the holidays... family, friends, gifts, and cookies! Making cookies this time of year is always a labor of love. I've always made the classic chocolate chip and sugar cookies, but I love eating cookies of all shapes and sizes. Today I had a few delicious creations that were anything but your ordinary cookie cutters!
My friend Alysa made a yummy fried cookie called Krusczyki, which is a traditional Polish cookie. (Alysa, if you're reading this, did I get that right?)

Buckeyes might be a holiday favorite for many, but we never made them in my house. So these were a real treat... good thing I took a full serving home with me!

I adore these Chocolate Snowcaps... and not just because I made them. They are a chocolate lover's dream. I've seen recipes from all the greats (Betty and Martha) for these but this is the first time I've made them and I'm hooked.

Can you tell what tops this cookie? You'd never guess so I'll tell ya... BACON! These were by far the most interesting cookies of the day. I asked what to call them and all I got was, "Chocolate chip Bacon cookies." So I'll just coin them "the bacon-aters." Chocolate chips and white chocolate got a new twist with small bits of bacon mixed into the batter. And if I heard correctly, a maple glaze to top off these savory cookies. (You'd be surprised how yummy these are!)

A few other highlights were peanut brittle and mint iced brownies, classic peanut cookies with kissed pressed in the middle, and a chocolate chip cookie with cherry and pistachio. The best part about a cookie swap is leaving a with a box full of cookies... that you didn't have to spend all day making!

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