Saturday, April 4, 2009

DwellStudio - Pillows from Target

I just picked up two of the Lattice decorative throw pillow by Dwell Studio for Target and I am loving them! The calming blue offset by the chocolate brown embroidery really sold me on these.
Or was it the crisp white and the chocolate brown? I can't decide because this baby is double sided!
As of today, these throw pillows have no where to be thrown, so I'll just keep them safe until I'm able to a) reupholster my plaid armchairs, or b) upgrade to the Arlington armchair from Pottery Barn. But since I can't help but picture what these gems are going to look like on my soon-to-be-new or re-newed, chairs, I polyvore'd my way to a mock up:

Chair + Pillow
Chair + Pillow by coffee22 on'

And I like what I see... the pillows will anchor the chairs on my dark brown area rug and tie my whole color scheme together. I have been staring at my room design for months now, so hopefully a few new purchases will find their way to our humble abode so my "room off of the kitchen" can finally be made over!

Here's the "to do" list:

  • Donate the "monster"/armoire
  • Replace said monster with console table (which is just begging to be moved out of it's temporary resting place in the kitchen)
  • Update or replace armchairs
  • Buy new overhead light to replace ceiling fan
  • Buy new flat panel TV to replace the also monstrous TV residing in the "monster"
So as you can see, we have a lot to spend...uhhh I mean... do. I have tasked the husband with finding a deal on a TV of his choice. He has been faithfully stalking his favorites on Amazon and other retailers in the hopes of finding a bargain. As for my job... well the rest is up to me.