Thursday, April 16, 2009

Magnetic Spice Rack?

I'm looking for opinions on these magnetic spice racks I've noticed popping up all over the place. Does anyone out there have these hanging around their kitchen? If so, do they work well? Did you label them? Or does everyone know the difference between dill weed and rosemary besides me? In case you've never noticed these small, stainless steel, clear top canisters here are a few images to introduce you:

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Image from Flickr account found through Google search result.
What are your thoughts? Trend to buy into, or one to let pass? I will say that organizing spices is always a challenge and having them stuck on an easy to access surface would be a nice change to my current arrangement. I have an entire shelf of one cabinet dedicated to spices, in no particular order. So when I try to grab sesame seeds for my favorite stir fry recipe, I usually pick up 80% of the spice bottles until I find the right one. One thought I had was to add some magnetic strips to the inside of a cabinet door, that way they are out of sight but convenient to find. Another thing I'd have to do is create a label for each canister because I don't spend enough time in the kitchen to recognize each and every spice. Maybe fixing the labels to the sides of each canister would help identify them but not cover up the clear top. I'd love to hear what you think!

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Stephanie said...

I have *heard* that you have to be careful where you put these. If they are to close to the stove or a heat source it can affect the glue portion of these things. If that makes sense. I have personally never used any though. But I have been considering attaching something to the inside of my cabinets. But I am concerned about the clearance factor when I shut them. I currently have a lazy susan in the bottom of a cabinet to make it a little easier to find stuff, but not my much.