Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life's about Balance

Last night Jared and I had a conversation about spending money.

Me: "I wish I made more money so I could buy nice things for our house."

Jared: "I think we should spend money on things we can do and experience and not on material things."

Me: "So you're saying we should plan a vacation!"

Jared: "Well... yeah."

Which makes me wonder: should I stop spending so much time, energy, and money on home improvements and decorations? Should we spend more of our resources on trips and be more adventurous? How do you strike a balance between the two?

I think Jared might be right... if our house burnt to the ground and all of our "stuff" was lost (God forbid... I realize this has happened to people so I'm not trying to make a joke of it) but we were fortunate enough to get ourselves and our dog out in time... what would be left? We'd have our experiences and each other... so maybe we should rethink our investments. I know Jared would be seriously disappointed that his new TV went up in smoke... and I'd be really bummed that I just spend two weeks of my life refinishing the china hutch that never got used... but we'd have all that we really need, wouldn't we?

So, Erin... remember how we were talking about planning a trip to Sonoma for Christian's 30th birthday this year? Let's really do it... and while we're at it... let's plan a local wine tasting trip too. I'm all about new experiences...

(And... still really into fixing up the home... but I think I need to find a new sense of balance)


Erin said...

YEAH! I've been thinking about it all week -- let's go to Sonoma in October! You guys will love it out there.

Erin said...

P.S. How can one go to Sonoma without visiting a few...several...or every vineyard? :-) Don't worry it was always on the itinerary.