Saturday, April 25, 2009

Before & After: Front Yard

Here it is: Our curb appeal before & after -- check it out!



So what did we plant?

(2) Wintergreen Boxwoods on either side of the porch.
They are slow-moderate growers, and will reach a maximum of 3-4' in height. They're mound-shaped shrubs and evergreen. I love their light green color.

(3) Helen Curtis Azaleas in front of the bay window.
They are slow-moderate growers as well, and will reach a maximum of 3' in height. Like the boxwoods, the azaleas are evergreen, but bloom white double flowers in May, like the example below.

I can't wait to see our new pretty white blooms next month.

So what do you think? Quite a difference right?

I still have plans for the big empty space to the left of the porch, but that will have to wait a couple of weeks. With all the improvements to our curb appeal this month -- which not only included the landscaping, but also getting our exterior painted and replacing the molding above the windows -- we exceeded our monthly "home improvement" budget for April! Which just means there will be more planting in May. Can't wait!

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