Friday, April 24, 2009

Looking at Knobs & Pulls

Knobs by coffee22 on

I'm searching for cabinet hardware for the china hutch I bought off of Craigslist in February. It pretty much goes without saying that the cream colored ceramic knobs have got to go. They must have been trendy at some point in the past two decades but today... not so much. Last weekend I removed the old hardware (knobs, hinges, etc.) and began sanding the entire hutch to prep for fresh paint. Tomorrow I plan to finish the rest of the sanding and get started on priming and painting... my goal is a to have a made-over hutch by Monday!

We've already bought new hardware for the kitchen cabinets but have yet to install anything. I'd like to stick with a silver or nickel finish for the hutch since it is next to our kitchen table (and near the cabinets). So I've put together a quick board of options to get an idea of what might work. There are two sets of drawers on the hutch; the top set consists of four drawers each with two knobs and the bottom set of four drawers as a single knob. I'm not sure if I should use the same knobs on all 8 drawers, or if I should look for 8 smaller knobs for the top drawers. (ee photo of hutch below.)

I was considering the idea of using the cup-shaped drawer pulls on the lower four drawers and simple knobs for the top drawers. Then for the cabinet doors I could use the same knobs to keep a consistent look. I'd like a casual look and I think the drawer pulls look less formal. Decisions, decisions...

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