Friday, April 3, 2009

Pleasing Pleats

I'm beginning to think I have a serious addiction to pleats. I love them in fashion (especially fashion) and now in home decor. I love the structured yet feminine look they add to any piece, from a jacket to a chair to a quilt.

And I think I finally realized why I love it so much: Dentil molding -- the small tooth-shaped block that is used in a repeating pattern as ornamentation on cornices -- is one of my favorite architectural elements, and the pleated ruffle reminds me of it.

Below are a couple of my favorite pleats right now:

PB Savannah chair: I want to fall into this chair every time I look at it. So pretty!

J. Crew Atelier Jacket: This jacket reminds me of my wedding gown, which had a silk satin pleated ruffle all along the hem. I could also see one of my idols, Grace Kelly, wearing this today...of course Grace would have worn it with pearls and an Hermes Kelly bag...{sigh}, some day...

Ballard Upholstered Couture Chair Slipcover
: I realize this could be over the top, but imagine six of these (with dark legs) in an all-white room with a dark farmhouse table, and vases of gorgeous white tulips.

PB Matine Toile Quilt: I actually own this one in espresso. I loved the toile but as soon as I saw the pleated ruffle, I had to make it mine.

So what architectural elements are your favorites? Have you noticed a repeating pattern of sorts in your purchases?

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