Monday, April 13, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I think this refinished mirror might be the fairest one of all!

A little over a week ago, Erica and I took a trip to a nearby antiques store to pour over the new stock. One item that caught my eye was this ornate "gold" mirror from the 1950s. I've been seeing mirrors like this all over the place in recent months, refinished with glossy paint in everything from black, white, magenta, and fire orange.

I decided to bring this baby home and try my hand at refinishing it. It really is amazing what a little gloss spray paint can do!

I started by taking a toothbrush reserved for cleaning, and dry-dusting the mirror frame. Then I wiped it clean with a damp cloth.

Next, I took painters tape and carefully placed it on the mirror, around the frame's perimeter.

Then I tore a leftover Sunday newspaper, placed it on the frame, and taped it in place. Because the mirror is so shapely, I tore small pieces just to ensure that I didn't miss a spot on the mirror and accidentally spray paint it later.

Once the taping was done, I took the mirror outside, covered the area in newspaper, and began painting.

About three coats and six hours later, here's the finish product -- what a difference!

While the new glossy white mirror looks about a million times better than the dusty gold, I think I'm going to redo the process this weekend...with glossy black paint.

What do you think? Leave it white or paint it black?


Courtney D said...

Great find and Fabulous make-over! My vote is to leave it white... very chic!

Totty said...

Wow- that looks a million times better! I really lik the white too, but let us know how the black turns out!

Laura said...

You know, normally I prefer black but I think in this case the white totally works!

(I found your blog through TYH - I loved the medicine cabinet makeover so much I think I'm going to do the same in my bathroom!)

Rachel said...

Love the mirror makeover and I love the white but I also think it would look adorable black!

Rachel Rose said...

I totally think you should paint it red or another pop-color that coordinates! Such lovely ideas!