Monday, March 2, 2009

Room off of the Kitchen: Update

Back in January I began planning what to do with the "room off of our kitchen" and put together this moodboard. From there I started shopping for items in the plan or like-items that would work for the space. While it's great to have a plan when shopping for your rooms, it's just as important to keep an open mind. For example:

Originally I planned to save up for the Ryhs Console table from Pottery Barn. Then one day I stopped by Target during my lunch break and saw this Tobias Console table on the floor during their Home Design Event. I snapped a picture with my phone and left the store but for the next few days I kept thinking about how perfect the table would be for our room. The long legs create an open feeling that won't eat up space in our small room and it has just enough room for storage in the drawer space. After a few days of thinking about it I went online to and found an offer for free shipping on furniture plus 30% off of everything in their Home Design event. So, for $154 we were able to find a great peice of hardwood furniture that will really open up our room. We essentially saved ourselves over $500 by having a plan and keeping an open mind.

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