Friday, March 13, 2009

Meet Kasey

The newest addition to our home has four legs and it isn't a dining room table... it's the sweetest little black lab puppy you've ever seen. Her name is Kasey:

We have been trying to adopt a puppy for a few weeks now through a rescue foundation in our area. A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation (AFH) is a non-profit dedicated to finding loving homes for otherwise homeless dogs and cats. Basically when shelters receive abandoned animals they contact foundations like AFH and ask them to pick up the pets. AFH then finds foster parents to care for the dogs and cats until someone adopts them. We had to go through an application process that included a home inspection and interviews. Luckily we passed both!

Kasey and her brother were living with a foster family nearby and they invited us over to meet everyone. The puppies were abandoned in West Virginia this December and rescued from the bitter cold. Out of the entire litter (not sure how many) only these two survived. AFH nick-named them "Teeny" and "Tiny" because they were so small. Kasey was about half as big as her brother when we met her and even though she's grown in a week... she is still pretty small for her age. She is a lab mix, but our guess is as good as any on what the mix includes. We've been told that since some people in West Virginia breed hounds for hunting, there is a good chance she has some hound in her but we can't be sure.
I love the white spots on her paws and chin, and the white "T" on her chest. I joked with Jared that she matches our house and my love for all things black & white! At some point before she was rescued her tail was injured and left her with a knubby-hook (so cute). Like all big purchases, she requires a slew of accessories. These white ceramic bowls were a match made in dog heaven. (Matching some of my kitchen accessories from Williams-Sonoma):

Kasey is a curious little lady and is making herself at home. She seems to enjoy watching TV, chew toys, and loves to cuddle any chance she gets. Jared and I are already head over heels for this little ball of fur!


Whitney said...

Awww, she is so adorable!! Congrats on the new puppy!

Erin said...

I love my new little dog-niece :-) She is just the most darling little girl!