Friday, March 6, 2009

Artichoke ...

A few months ago, Erin and I toured a model home that was carefully designed and perfectly decorated. We literally fell in love with every design element in the four-floor luxury town home. One such element that kept repeating in various rooms of the house was a white ceramic artichoke. It's hard to tell, but in the photo below you can see four of them in the gray cabinets. (Look on the top shelf at the outer corners and you'll see two pairs.)
We saw them again in the basement on the built-in bar counter:
Ever since the tour I have been looking for something similar to use at my house. I found one option from Z Gallerie and I love the individual thistles and how it sits atop a pedestal. But, I haven't been to a Z Gallerie lately so I've kept an eye out at local shops and boutiques as I've traveled.As luck would have it, Jared and I stopped at a roadside vintage/antique store on our way back in town from a weekend get-away and I found this:
Behold, my gorgeous little artichoke! Atcually, it isn't so little... it's about the size of a cantelope so it defintely makes a statement. I haven't decided on the right spot for this beauty so for now I keep moving it from one room to the next. Eventually it will find a permenant spot in the house and be admired by all who lay eyes on it... or at least just by me!

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The Lavender Lily said...

I have been looking for a unique artichoke like this. Artichokes are my favorite food, so I thought it would be a neat personal touch to find a ceramic one for my kitchen...glad I'm not the only one who thinks they are cool! =)