Friday, March 20, 2009

DIY: Dog Food Storage Bin

We've survived week 1 of puppy-hood with our little lady, Kasey. She has kept us on our toes and laughing, even while making a mess in the house. Kasey can't stay in trouble for long... at least not with me, those darn puppy dog eyes get me every time! This morning she went for her first walk on the leash; we made it around the block once, huge milestone!

For that past week, we've been keeping her dog food in it's resealable plastic bag. It works for now, the bag is only 8 lbs and it's small puppy food. But in the future I'd like to store it in something that can be easily opened or closed by a human, but impossible to crack into by a mischievous puppy. Rather than buy something new, I decided to go shopping in our storage area to find a free solution. Every year for Christmas Jared receives a huge tin of popcorn from his parents. The tins are always holiday inspired and too cute to throw away... so we have a mini stock pile in the basement.
My first step was to spray paint the tin bright white to cover up the Christmas bird scene. It took two coats to cover the dark colors and a third to even out the white. From there I decided to trace a standard looking dog bone on the front. First, I drew a bone on a piece of white computer paper, then cut out the shape and traced it onto the front of the tin. Next, I outlined the bone with a black permanent marker.I think the tin needs something more. That's where you all come in! Here's where the project stands now:
I know it is missing something... but between my lack of sleep and my attention being devoted to the dog lately, I am at a stand still. I was thinking about putting a word inside of the bone. Maybe the dog's name, or the word 'woof', something... anything? Another idea I had was to draw a silhouette of my little lady on the lid. I would have to take another photo like this one to use as a template for my drawing:
Help! I need your suggestions! This DIY project has been haunting me for days!

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