Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ISO: Upholstered platform bed

(Sigh), I found the perfect bed for my "boudoir" makeover last weekend:

Thomas Pheasant Collection Paris Bed at Baker

Tufted headboard? Check
Upholstered platform? Check
Nailhead trim? Check!

The only problem is this bed is way above my price range (when I say "way," I mean about 5x more than I can spend).

When I checked in with a sales associate at Baker he was quick to mention that this bed has generated a lot of press and positive feedback since it debuted at High Point last year. And we all know what happens when something new gets so much praise...a less expensive lookalike is likely on the way. Until that point, my current bed will have to do.

Of course, if anyone sees an upholstered platform bed, with a tufted headboard and nailhead trim, please send a link my way! I implore you! :-)

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Tamstyles said...

I am sure you can find one wayyyy cheaper..those are very popular and all over the place.