Thursday, February 12, 2009

This Just In... Grandin Road

Yesterday's mail brought an exciting new (at least to me) source to turn to for affordable home decor. I received a copy of Grandin Road which is a member of the Cornerstone companies and is a direct marketer focused on upscale home and gift merchandise. I visited there website and wasn't surprised to find out that other members of the Cornerstone companies include Frontgate, Ballard Design, and Smith & Noble, to name a few. The layout of the Grandin Road site is very similar to Ballard's, so it's easy to find what your looking for.

Here are a few items that struck my fancy:

Beveled Glass Mirrors: I've seen similar ones from other retailers but these are very affordable and would look great on an accent wall in my dining area.
Ara Pedestal Table: This classic pedestal accent table would work well next to any club chair. Perfect for setting your drink within arms reach while you curl up with a good book.

Lattice Bookcases: These tall bookcases look almost like they could be built-ins if you situate them in the right space. Unlike a built-in though, you can take them with you if you ever up and move. The lattice detail adds a touch a class to an otherwise simple looking set of bookcases

I was pleasantly surprised with most of the merchandise advertised in the catalogue. However, when I visited their website I was not so pleasantly surprised by a few odd ball items available.

Check these out:
Photo Pillows: Really? Are you serious here people? The only heads that ever need to be on a pillow... are actually heads... resting on a pillow. I'm sure you love your dogs and you have the most beautiful children in the world, but maybe try showing your love in a way other than blazing their mugshot on a pillow! (Same goes for the personalized throw blankets.)

Set of Three Cedar Leaves: Hmmm? These babies leave way too much to the imagination. I looked at them and saw corn-dogs mounted on the wall. I showed Jared, and he thought they looked like something else entirely. (I won't spell it out for you but be creative. I never said we were mature!)

I just thought I'd share this home decor site with you in case your bored of the same old stores. You might find something at Grandin Road that is well within budget and looks strikingly similar to something you've seen elsewhere.

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