Monday, February 9, 2009

May-jah Makeover

At long last Christian and I corrected a mistake we made long ago -- we repainted our master bedroom!

The 26-year-old me thought a silver blue bedroom would be just grand, but the 27-, 28-, and 29-year-old me realized it was a may-jah error that sorely needed to be corrected. So we took advantage of the unseasonably warm weekend and got to work.

Here's the cringe-worthy before:

And here's the soothing after:

Our master now actually feels much larger and works much better with our bedding and soon-to-arrive tall chest. Now all we need are new side tables, an upholstered bed, window treatments, and a few accessories to complete the room.

Did anyone else take advantage of the warm weekend and tackle a home improvement project?

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