Friday, February 27, 2009

Shoe Polish for Furniture Repair? Really...

Ever wonder how you can fix the nicks, dings, and scratches in your furniture?

I happened to catch a recent Martha Stewart Show (okay...maybe I DVR the series, so I "happen to catch" every single episode), that featured antiques expert Christophe Pourny, who demonstrated a couple of furniture care tips that every girl can handle.

Those nicks, dings and scratches in your wood furniture, compliments of your vacuum, your pet, a recent move, etc.?

They can be fixed with a little shoe polish, a steel wool pad, and wood filler as needed. Seriously! And according to Christophe, all you need to have on hand are three basic shoe polish colors to complement most woods: Black, Brown, and Red.

Here's Christophe's advice, as featured on Martha's web site:

Select a shoe polish that matches the piece you are repairing. Place steel wool over mark. Apply wood filler if spot is deep enough to warrant. Apply shoe polish over spot. Buff with a cloth to shine.

Sounds easy enough -- I will have to inspect my furniture for dings and try out this tip!

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