Thursday, February 26, 2009

Speaking of Cabinet Hardware...

All this talk about cabinet hardware got me thinking -- how does a girl make sure her hardware is installed perfectly straight and level?

Thinking that there must be more to hardware installation than a pencil, a ruler, a drill, and a final hope that your eyes are not deceiving you, the knob really is straight, I headed to Google to search for a hardware installation template of some kind.

I was in luck! I found a few choices for under $6 on Amazon, some for knobs, some for drawer pulls. Here are three that look promising:

Laurey Perfect Mount Precision Alignment Template for Cabinet Hardware:Measure Pro for Doors:
Measure Pro for Drawers:

I think I'll swing by my local Lowe's this weekend to see if they have any templates in stock as well. Knock on wood (soon-to-be-painted oak cabinets, that is) that one of these templates work...

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Kristen said...

Erin, these all look very helpful. When we replaced the brass (ugh!) hinges and knobs on our kitchen cabinets, we just made a template out of cardboard. It actually worked just fine, but at $6, these seem worth it. What a difference new hardware makes! I'm eager to hear how your cabinet painting goes when you decide to do it.