Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Outdoor Dining

For the past few weeks we've been collecting estimates from various masonry and decking contractors for our backyard summer project. It seems for the past two years that we've owned our home, we get some sort of bug each July and just have to get something major done to the house. Last year it was the hardwood floors (I'm still gushing over them) and this year, we've committed ourselves to making over our backyard. Jared and I both love being outside and since getting the dog, we find ourselves outside constantly. We sit in our plastic chairs, plopped in the middle of the grass, drinking our Coronas, watching Kasey dig holes and chase bugs... and we love it... but we need an upgrade.

Our backyard check list is as follows:

  • A level place to grill, eat, and sit outside.
  • Room for a few flower beds.
  • Just enough grass to give Kasey a place to mark her territory.

I should be recieving plans and an estimate from one contractor today. Another is visiting tomorrow morning to check out the terrain... and I have a few estimates in my inbox already. Hopefully we can make a decision in the next few days and 4-6 weeks from now have a backyard living up to it's potential! Until then, I'll experience outdoor dining through the pages of my favorite home furniture stores:

Pottery Barn
West Elm

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Whitney said...

I am doing the same thing Erica:) Well actually re-doing is the correct term. Our backyard is in need of some major curb appeal. Where are you getting your estimates from? I am having trouble communicating with a lot of the contractors that I have found:( Good luck, and I hope all is well with you and Jared (& Kasey)