Monday, June 1, 2009

Bridal Registry Top 12

With the 2009 wedding season underway, so many of us are sifting through friends' wedding registries, hoping to buy something that our favorite couples will love and, most importantly, use often.

Both Erica and I married our husbands in 2008 and over the course of the year have found ourselves using a few more items than others (though all gifts are loved and much appreciated!).

From everyday cooking and dining to weekend entertaining, we've compiled a Top 12 list of registry items we've used most often over the last year.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Everyday dinnerware: Who doesn't need everyday dinnerware? Whiteware, like the one above, is offered at any major department store and boutique retailer like Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma. Not only is it affordable but you are guaranteed it will be used absolutely everyday. Erica favored Williams-Sonoma's Everyday Restaurant Dinnerware; I picked Pottery Barn's PB White. We love them both!

2. All-Clad stainless steel measuring cups and spoons: I use these every time I cook. Not only are they pretty and functional, but they are also dishwasher-safe and have a lifetime warranty from All-Clad.

3. Platter or tray with handles: We love our platters and trays with handles! They are great for Friday evening cocktails at home, appetizers, and weekend meals. Check out some of our favorites at Williams-Sonoma here. Pottery Barn also has some great items.

4. Cuisinart Food processor: I probably pull out my food processor once a week, whether to make my favorite Italian-style hummus, homemade pesto, or to attempt another pie crust. Highly recommend this kitchen appliance.

5. Serving bowl: While I don't have this particular bowl (yet!), I do have a couple of plain white serving bowls and could not more highly recommend them. Whiteware is great because you can mix and match it with any solid or pattern. A serving bowl like this makes family-style meals a cinch. And, you can use it in a centerpiece when not entertaining.

6. Hotel napkins: Love this set from Williams-Sonoma, and at 12 for $32, the price is tough to beat. The great thing about these napkins is that they are solid white, so you can easily bleach any food stains right out them. I pull these out every time I entertain. Love them.

7. Calphalon Multipot: Oh my. I use this at least twice a week because we love pasta and steamed veggies in my house. Not only does this multipot come with a large pasta basket, but it also comes with a smaller basket that is perfect for steaming vegetables. And, it's dishwasher-safe!

8. Cheese knives and board: A must for every entertainer or entertainer-in-training. What's easier than slicing a baguette and displaying a great cheese as an appetizer?

9. Wine glasses: A nice everyday set of wine glasses -- that are dishwasher-safe -- will be imperative for those rough days at work or weekend entertaining. This Pottery Barn Caterer's Set is only $49 for a box of 12!

10. Table linens: This is one thing I wish I had registered for -- a nice set of hemstitched linens. Placemats are great for everyday, but a quality tablecloth will serve you well for years. Check out Williams-Sonoma hemstitched table linens, they are beautiful.

11. Santoku knife: This is my favorite knife, hands-down. It's so versatile, you can use it to slice and dice your way to domestic goddess status. Be sure to hand wash it: While a good knife is technically dishwasher-safe, your knife will dull more quickly than your brain at the new Terminator movie (no offense, Christian and Jared).

12. Apron: Who doesn't need an apron? Keep your clothes splatter safe and look super cute all at the same time. Erica has had quite a bit of success at Anthropologie, which has some adorable full and half aprons.

There you have it -- our Registry Top 12. What items would you also include?

Hope you find these selections helpful as you shop for your favorite bride, or as you create your own registry!

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