Saturday, June 20, 2009

Project outline: Crown molding on cabinets

At long last, this weekend I'm undertaking phase 1 of my kitchen cabinet makeover: Install crown molding above to the tops of the kitchen cabinets.

There is about a foot of space between the tops of our cabinets and the ceiling (much like the picture above). Rather than undertaking the much larger, more intensive task of rehanging the cabinets up higher on the wall, I think a strip of crown molding along the top of the cabinets will not only take up some of the space up there, but also add a more finished, refined look than the plain shoe molding that's currently up there.

After doing some research and initial measuring, I've found and purchased exactly what I need:

Mitre saw -- for cutting proper angles needed to wrap cabinets with molding

20' of 9/16" x 2 5/8" Crown molding

Finishing nails

Liquid Nails

Keep your fingers crossed that this project works! Will post "before & after" pictures next week ...hopefully Monday if all goes well!

Have a great weekend!


Erica said...

Can't wait to see the "after" shots!

Laura said...

I second that! This exact project is on my to-do list and I'm totally nervous to tackle it.