Monday, June 15, 2009

Bootcamp: Workout Fashion

Last weekend Erin and I started a boot camp program that meets every Saturday morning on the tennis courts in my neighborhood. The program lasts for 10 weeks and is pretty intense. It's actually called, Get What you Came for Boot Camp, because the instructor usually yells, "get what you came for" at the top of her lungs at least 3 times in any given workout. (I know this because I take her aerobic weight training class at the gym during the week.)

Prior to classes starting we were told to write down our fitness goals and at the end of 10 weeks we are going to reassess our progress. Of course we came up with a few personal challenges, but when Erin and I have an event on the calendar... one of our first goals is always finding something to wear! So we both put together a list of our top workout basics...

Erica's Picks:

1. I personally love the C9 by Champion collection of tops from Target for their price and style. I have several of these tanks including this green mesh tank with thin straps, crucial for those outdoor summer sweat sessions. Layer it with a sports bra that has thin straps for even less tan-line threat.

2. There's nothing worse than doing an overhead press and having your shirt ride up just enough to expose those unsightly love handles to the world. (Ok, maybe there are a few things that are worse but not by much.) For that reason I favor the Everyday Long Bra Top by Nike.

3. I can't get through a workout without a dependable headband to keep fly-aways from sticking to my face. Goody makes these headbands with rubber stiches that ensure your headband stays put, even during jump-jacks.

4-6. Shorts! Summer = time to show off those legs you've been hiding all winter. Find a pair you like and you might even find that you actually enjoy squats and lunges. My favorite running shorts are the Nike Tempo Track shorts and the Under Armour HeatGear Quick Step 3" inseam shorts. And yes, I am that girl who wears tight, short, spandex to workouts.

7. Polar F11 Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch. Once you have one, you'll never go back. I love to see how many calories I just burned after a workout... usually I see a number and equate it to food. For example; 700 calories = 1 margarita + chips and salsa (guilt free no less!)

8. Shoes are so important to a workout. I'm still looking for a cross-trainer but something like these Nike Zoom Quick Sister shoes would probably work. Be sure to get shoes that are specifically designed for the type of exercises you're doing. Running? Buy running shoes. Indoor aerobics class? Studio shoes. Walking? You get the point.

9. Just for fun I'd like to start swimming laps a few nights a week. I saw this TYR bikini on MTV's The Duel and had to have one. In fact, I just ordered it from Zappos this morning. It's the sexiest looking sporty bikini I've ever seen.

Erin's Picks:

A few quick notes on Erin's picks; as you can see, she outfitted herself in the most stylish and flirty workout tank possible. Pair that with the Ultimate Shorts from Nike, and she is ready to hit the ground running, squatting, lunging, etc. Since we were told to the only things we needed to bring to Bootcamp were weights, water, and a mat, Erin scouted out each of these items and included them in her picks. I think she'd agree that one thing she would have incorporated had she discovered them sooner are Love Bottles. These glass bottles are perfect for anyone who is aware of the dangers associated with specific types of plastics.
I'm pleased to report that we've survived two weekends of Bootcamp and are feeling more fit and shapely already! Looking good while working hard too!

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