Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Crown Molding Update

And so I have another crown molding update! I'm excited to report that progress has been made thanks to Christian and his Dad, who spent several hours working on my little brainchild yesterday. Please excuse the quality of the pictures -- I took them with my iPhone since my camera is still out of commission. All pictures are as of this morning.

This was the "easiest" (HA!) section since it's a straight cut end-to-end, so this was done first:

To see the "before", click

(Btw, Can you tell I am anxious to paint these orange-crush cabinets a much more pleasing white? I couldn't wait to take all the doors off, so I did it at 7:00 this morning)

Here is my drinkware cabinet, with "wings," just waiting for its front piece:

And this is my dinnerware cabinet -- molding is cut and ready to go:

Turns out one of the long 8' sections in the mix wasn't perfectly sized width-wise, so a few more sections have to be re-cut and nailed in to the cabinets today.

Darn you Big Box hardware retailer and your so-called "Quality Control!"

Will post an update this week!

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Mary.O said...

I can't wait to see the finished kitchen and the crown molding I'm sure is going to look fantastic.Now are you installing the crown molding on your walls or on the cabinets? Keep all the updates coming...

Mary :)