Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let's Play a Game: What's Wrong with this Room?

Good morning readers! Today is interactive Wednesday. We're going to play a little game called, "What's Wrong with this Room?"

Here's how it works:

  1. Look at the pictures below.
  2. Leave a comment with anything you think is wrong with the room.
  3. Better yet, make suggestions for how to improve the room.
  4. Be kind.

I'll start by pointing out the obvious (save you the trouble) and by explaining some of the elements of the room that must stay:

  • Replace chairs and ottoman with furniture that is better suited for a small room. Smaller scale chairs.
  • Play around with furniture placement; are there any other arrangements that would work in the space?
  • Put something on the walls, try hanging prints or photos on either side of the TV.
Must Stays (Elements of the room that we can't live without)
  • Window treatments: We live in a townhouse and the blinds are a must! While we enjoy natural light, we have to be able to close the blinds at night so we don't feel like fish in a bowl!
  • The windows on the far right of the second photo are actually french doors. Only one of them opens but we do use it constantly to let the dog outside and to grill in the backyard. This makes a huge impact on where we place the furniture.
  • TV and console are brand spankin' new... we won't move them!
Alright that's all I've got... please, please, please... if you never comment on anything you read at Girl Meets Home, comment today! I live with this room so I need a fresh set of eyes to make suggestions on anything from colors to decor. I'd really love to hear your opinion!


Anonymous said...

There's not much color. But even if you didn't want to or couldn't paint an accent wall, you could just do an arrangement of something on the wall, like colorful plates or a few colorful portraits...behind the entertainment center. Also it's a bit of a mix of eras. You've got a more modern tv console, but an older looking chair next to it..and the plaid on the big chairs looks older. Quick fixes would be slip covers on the big chairs (in a brighter color..and by that I mean maybe a sage green) and moving that tall dining chair away and adding a taller basket with colorful silk flowers in it, like hydrangea puffs that match the green slipcovers. Something for height in that corner. Height can make a space look bigger because it draws the eye up. Plus your window treatments are high too. So that would help the visual flow of the room.If you can afford, I would get a love seat rather than a huge sofa and keep 1 plaid chair. That's a small space it seems, unless the place from where the 1st picture was taken could have a couch across it. I guess I just think a space looks smaller and messier when it's overcrowded. It doesn't look overcrowded currently. I'm no decorator but that's what I see as being a quick fix. That was a long comment! SORRY! :)

A Touch of Country said...

Warm the walls up with a tan/taupe color. Moldings in a milky white.

Raise your curtain rods to almost near the ceiling to add height. Add on fabric to the bottom in a contrasting color if you don't wish to buy new ones.

Wicker/rattan shades instead of blinds. Similar in tone to your wicker baskets.

Slipcover the chairs & ottoman in a linen fabric or buy some cozy leather club chairs. Add a tray to the ottoman with some books, a candle and an accessory two.

Add some artwork or architectural finds on your walls.

Ms. Molly said...

More color! Get something pretty and soothing on those walls! I also think adding more curtains would look great & give the room more texture. Find some art you love to put on the walls. Have fun!

Rosie said...

I think looking at the layout is most important...and this is directly affected by how you use this room. The way the chairs are currently placed imply that perhaps its not just for TV watching? If this is the case then I would get a long dark grey sofa to place under the windows, and then just one armchair on the other side of the door - if there's room. Or use that lovely wooden chair - its very pretty! A longer, lower console (perhaps white?) under the which offers plenty of storage would be good (especially if you can hide the media items in it), plus the top would be perfect for some extra decorative some bright colours, plus a few 'coffee table' books on display, to give that 'homely feel'. The ottoman, recovered (something dark, to hide the footprints, or a loose cover in white if you are happy to wash it!), and with a tray on top could double as a coffee table. Painting the wall that houses the telvision a darker colour (grey is pretty popular right now, and would go with the sofa!) will help disguise the televsion, and a couple of sconces on either side would make a nice feature when the TV's not on. Some curtains to bring in the grey (patterned for sure! Perhaps cover the ottoman in the same fabric?)and then accessories in your chosen 'pop' colour - cushions, a vase or 2, and a throw rug. Hope this helps!

Alysa said...

i have 3 ideas for you.. i know you want to get new neutral color chairs so
1. drop a chandelier from that huge ceiling
2. have you thought about painting the ceiling a few shades warmer than your walls or even a contrasting color? that would make it appear lower and make the space cozier
3. chop off the bottom 3 or so feet of your curtains and sew on a BRIGHT fabric- lattice perhaps?