Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How To: Prepare for a Project Involving Sanding...Lots of Sanding

Prepping for the big kitchen project this week was not fun, not fun at all. But I'm so glad we did because we hopefully will save ourselves a lot of unnecessary dusting by adequately preparing for the project.

First, we moved everything we could from the kitchen, dining room and living room, down to the basement.

Talk about feeling claustrophobic.

Then, we covered everything that had to stay upstairs with dropcloths of all shapes, sizes, and materials.

Finally, since our kitchen has two entrances and a cut out, we duct-taped more plastic drop cloths all three access points to keep as much dust in the kitchen as possible.

Finally, we turned off the air conditioning in the house. Thankfully it's been a cool couple of days in the DC area.

Here's hoping all this prep truly pays off!

Will post the new kitchen walls as soon as the house is put back together again. Anyone else in the middle of a big project?

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Erin said...

We're in the middle of a DIY master bath reno. I hope hope hope to be done by next Friday, and I'm anxious to get some "after" pictures!!!