Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Old Luckett's Store

If you haven't been to The Old Luckett's Store in Leesburg, VA then you are missing out. It's almost too good to talk about but since I hope they are in business forever... I had to share this gem with you. You might want to start by visiting their website for a sneak peak at some of the "Fresh Off the Wagon" items.

The old house is jam-packed with vintage items at great prices. You can find everything from furniture to knick-knacks to vintage clothing and accessories. There is something for everyone! You might find a vintage piece that needs a little TLC, like Erin's $40 gold mirror that she updated with a can of white spray paint for an instant chic-ification.

I've bought a few decorative items from Luckett's including a set of four Italian dishes and a white ceramic artichoke. On my next visit, I plan to look for an old 5 or 6 panel front door for a DIY project I'm planning. Let me know what you walk away with!!!

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