Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Style Advice

I recently found this amazing Nicole Miller dress at Lord & Taylor and now I'm looking for some helpful style advice.

Poppy Print on Reverse Stretch Charmeuse dress, original price $355.

The dress fits like a glove thanks to the fitted bodice inside, no under-garments required. And, the day I bought it L&T was having a 40% off sale for card holders (lucky for me I have a generous mother who put the dress on her charge card and I wrote her a check). Plus, by some miracle, I actually found it on the sale rack in my size, which never happens, so I ended up paying $147 for a $355 dress. Score!

Back to the advice though... I can't find shoes! I bought a pair of these ivory peep-toes but they are too boring for a dress this fun:

Gordona Ivory Patent Croc, Bandolino
- $68

HELP! I need to find shoes this week because I'm hoping to wear the dress on Saturday! If you have any suggestions, pretty-pretty-please send them my way!


Ms. Molly said...

Something strappy and neutral but fun.
Good Luck!

Whitney said...

A light gold would look best I think with all those colors, I have seen tons of gold shoes at DSW, L&T, and Macys...good luck:)

Rosie said...

I think you could do tan with that dress, but strappy gold, with some 'pretty' gold accesories to girly up that graphic print (which ROCKS by the way!), would be awesome! Gdod call Whitney!