Thursday, July 2, 2009

Retail Therapy: Anthropologie Dresses!

Yesterday during my lunch break I zipped over to the Town Center for some quality retail therapy. I wasn't really expecting to make any purchases but somehow I manged to leave Anthropologie with three adorable dresses, yay! I've mentioned before that Anthro is my "go-to" for bridal shower and occasional gifts ... yet I've never bought a single piece of clothing there. Since I was seeking retail therapy I decided to try on a few dresses. {I don't know if it's the new hair cut, feeling slim from weeks sweating at Boot Camp, or just the lighting the dressing rooms... but I fell in love with everything I tried on!}

I left with a flirty navy shirt dress (which I can't find online probably because it was a sale item, $50!) and two other's:

Carambola Shift, $98

Sweet Olive Shift, $168

Head over to Anthro for some retail therapy of your own... the dresses are just the beginning. I think I've discovered my new weakness!

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